S1 residuals....

I’ve seen much on this site about strong values for the S1,but what are the dealers thinking?
I ‘offered’ my 3year old Exige (quartz,7000mls,full spec ) against a new full spec 111R 32K+ …any guesses what the anonimous dealer offered?

�16K ?

er, nope…a bit more actually :

�18.5K, which I think is complete bllck$
Does anyone have a similar experience??

Just turn your back on that dealer.
He’s probably going to sell it later for �26K.
We’ve seen that before…

OTOH, if you want to change an original Exige for a 111R, you deserve all types of abuse from everybody

Nice photo Uldis, can’t say I felt the same about the 111R though…honest

My experience was with a nearly new S2 Elise with 2000 miles on the clock .

The dealer offered me �18k px for an Exige .

In the end I chose 2 dealers with Exiges , which started a bidding war and I ended up getting well over �20k .

This was because they are both based in Yorkshire and basically want to get rid of the competition .

Which was nice !

So you got 18K for the Elise? & you now have an Exige

Mine’s a blindin’ Exige S1 which should fetch waaaaay over 20K for any S2 wannabe.

I think the dealer(s) must be on some mighty strong drugs if they think an Exige owner would be tempted with some crappy offer for a rare and much sought after beast, to sell on for 7K profit PLUS a nice margin on the newby.

Or do they have no respect for loyal customers?

No wonder Elise sales are dropping off in the UK.

Just think what will be offered for a S1 Exige when a ‘proper’ new Exige comes out.

Oh, and, er I was only soundin’ out a likely trade in value…


Ill get my coat .

Sorry 1111, I should stay off the Horlicks before logging on

For me to visit 2 or more dealers would involve many hundreds of miles. Enquiries by phone found dealers offering 18-20K, top end if you took something off the showroom,18+ if you specc’d your own order.

When I traded an Elise 3yrs ago, I was offered similar money against an Exige.

Dealers now expecting someone to accept a 16K loss after three careful years & 7000mls, seems a bit steep to me.

No problem Tim

I was speaking to a dealer in Sheffield a few weeks ago .

He was saying he was struggling to shift the 111r .

Might be best to wait for a good deal ???

Sounds like you will be best keeping the Exige err I mean selling it privately or maybe I was right the 1st time .

I know what I would do anyway .

Good luck