S1 primary door seals

Finally, after 8 months from our first contact with our supplier, we have the production parts to replace these seals!
As a bit of background, we purchased a pair of seals from Lotus for a car we we’re having painted. After painting, clamshells and doors were refitted and aligned - shut lines were perfect. Well, S1 perfect at least!
Then we fitted the new primary door seals
The doors no longer closed, without excessive force. Even when closed, the shut lines were appalling. With the rear lower part of the door around 10mm out from the sill. After checking the seal, the foam section was much thicker than the original and instead of folding flat, to give 2 layers, it folded in on itself to give 4 layers. To leave it as it was, would have ruined the look and the hard work the bodyshop had done to repaint the customers car. Longer term, we suspect that the door would have started to come apart, due to the loading involved with the door closed. Interestingly, we had a couple of conversations with other specialists/customers who had the same issue.
So we are now here, with new seals, that are the same size and profile of the production seals from the later cars. They have the correct formed profile at the top of the A pillar, the correct thickness and fold in the same way. After fitting a couple of sets we are happy to release these.
Retail from Lotus is £290 plus VAT a side. And the fit is not great. We are selling them at £149.95 plus for a pair.

Equivalent to lotus part numbers
D111U0160F & D111U0161F


Excellent :clap:

Any chance of some S1 hardtop/Exige roof seals in the future? :wink:

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