S1 motorsport cover??

Is the genuine one still available or only the copies are available?

I’m not sure, but John (JSRacing) is going to make a hinged version, allowing the original hinge and catch to be used…I look forward to that.


Spoke to our fibreglass guy last week, and it looks promising. Need to get him our inner piece to firm up a price to reproduce them.

Im pretty sure original motorsport covers are no longer available. JSR bought all of the remaining stock of S1 motorsport stuff from Lotus a while ago and sadly the engine covers have now gone.

how about the motorsport extended roof???

Didn’t think Lotus did one did they - at least the original cars never had one?

Lotus made them for the Motorsport Elises, as raced in the Autobytel series.

“Maddog” also made them - that’s what I have on my car (using its original hinge & catch).

Think the comment above was about extended roofs pesky.

As you know Chris, I’m easily confused :blush:

How’s your Westfield XTR2 going? :smiley:

Now I am too - what you on about Rob?

or should that be what are you on!

The only one i saw is on ebay i m not sure about replica and this is only thing avaiable now as there are no more genuine items avaialble?

Pretty sure Gavin Kershaw started the long scoop trend, but we found it made no difference other than it makes the cockpit quite a bit louder (painful!). Likewise, the best engine cover to have is smoother. Over winter we made a new roof and engine cover to get things a bit more aerodynamic!

Doing some wind tunnel testing soon, will be interesting to see how much difference the canyon-like panel gaps make :smiley:

Please post your findings. Would be nice to see some aero numbers for an S1 exige / motorsport elise. :slight_smile:

Englebert, your car is AMAZING, looks so very good!

Hmmmm liking the matt black wrap…

Gaffer tape is your friend - if it works for them:

LOL, if you looked closer we already employ that tactic!

Interesting thing for me is if the Motorsport rear spoiler is of any use. I think figures are already available for the Exige spoiler, but nothing for the Motorsport item… my suspicion is when choosing it they thought “This looks racey, we’ll put that on!”

We’ve already blanked off the front side ducts…

Just wondering did this ever happens in the end as I am looking for a Motorsport cover which i can use original hinge and catch