S1 meta alarm/immobiliser key coding.


My car only came with one immobiliser key that is a bit worn out, so thought i’d better order a spare. I got one from JCT600 in Leeds, ordered via my chassis number, i didn’t get the alarm code, but for an extra fee they requested that for me.

Now i’ve got the key, it’s an metal blank that needs cutting with the transponder built it, but it’s not working yet. I popped back into JCB one of the guys there had a go a coding it, but had no luck. He copied the page from the shop notes, but i’ve not had any luck getting any responce from the new key.

I’ve got a copy of the workshop manuals from the net, but there nothing much help in there, the page from the MO chapter JCT kindly gave me suggests that i press the working key 17 times, when then the alarm should stop responding, i press the new key within 8 seconds to register it with the alarm, then leave it and both keys should work.

The orginial key works, but no luck with the new one. Does anyone have any ideas, or will i have to get the alarm completely recoded?

Thanks in advance for any help…

No solution but I had the same problem, tested several new electronic units (same code as mine) and not even talking with the guys at Hethel could I find a solution. Finally I decided not to try anymore. If you find a solution I would like to know.

I pulled the alarm unit out and sent it with the keys to Lotus. The guys there recoded the alarm and enabled the keys. I have a new code on the unit now, and 5 spare slots for more keys should i need them. It wasn’t too expensive either, i’m not completely sure, but i think i paid about �30 to my local dealer.