S1 heater controls

Not my usual category . . . I’ve done a search but cannot find any ref to my problem.
The heater seems to be on even when the control lever is in the off position.
I’ve had a poke about around the heater unit and moved in car lever back and forth to little effect, so far. Given my lack of mechanical ability, can anyone offer a clue as to what is amiss. Ta!

check if the cable moves the air flap under the front bonnet.
The heater always gets warm water, you just pilot a flap to get “cold” or hot air.

Thanks, Nicholas. I was out in the car yesterday, having opened and shut the controls from inside. And it might be my imagination but it seemed a bit cooler than before. Maybe the movement of the interior controls has worked.

Thommo, when you set cool, immagine that the whole block is warm. So in reality it will never be very cool, especially in a long drive.
I changed everything there to be able to open and close the hot water with the normal heater lever, it reacts a bit slower but cold is cold.
Pay attention if you do this, you have to fit a remote engine thermostat otherwise the original will not work properly when heater set to cold (no water flux in the heater circuit).

I did it on my three S1, two exiges and an elise. Working perfectly.

Thanks once again, Nicholas👍