S1 Geekery

Not an intentional collector, more an accumulator of things, but I’ve steadily picked up the magazines, models and original press pictures,
Brochures and alike that feature the S1 Exige. I thought I’d start a thread to share details for anyone else who might be interested or be on the look out for past road tests or alike and looking for a reference of where to look.

If I’ve missed any and someone has bits sat around I d love (to buy) them so get in touch. I’ll have to do a few posts to cover different things. I’ll start with the S1 in magazines;

Evo Magazine

Sept 2000 - launch feature
Jan 2001 - part of Evo car of the Year
Mar 2003
Mar 2009 - part of future icons feature
Oct 2009
Oct 2014 - part of best cars ever driven feature

Sportscar Magazine

Aug 2001 - main feature

CCC Magazine

Aug 2001 - big elise family feature
Jun 2001
May 2002 - ultimate track day car feature

Classic and Sportscar Magazine

Sept 2006 - elise family feature
Oct 2013 - exige v noble

Autocar magazine

11 April 2001 - clio v6 v imprezza v exige
2 Aug 2001 - new exige first test
12 Apr 2000 - exige preview
20/27 Dec 2000 - group test
30 Aug 2000 - britains best drivers car
30 May 2001 - Chris Harris autocar fleet car review
21 Nov 2001 - Chris Harris autocar fleet car review
20 Feb 2002 - Chris Harris autocar fleet car review
4 Sept 2002 - Chris Harris autocar fleet car review

Absolute Lotus Magazine

July/Aug 2021 - Feature
May/June 2018
Jan/Feb 2019

Top Gear Magazine

Sept 2000 - driven review
Dec 2001 - noble v m coupe v exige

Classic Car Weekly

10 Jan 2018 - Buyers Guide

Modern Classics Magazine

July 2018 - Buyers Guide

Car Magazine

Nov 2000 - car of the year
Sept 2000 - driving review
Feb 2017 - Exige generations review

AutoExpress Magazine

26 Jul- 1 Aug 2000 autoexpress - new lotus exige
12 Apr - 18 Apr Apr 2000 autoexpress - exige preview
10-16 Oct 2001 - caterham v s2000 v exige
Spring Special #645

Classic Cars Magazine

Feb 2011 - Feature
Dec 2015 - Feature
Dec 2016
Oct 2021 - healey frog eye sprite v exige (!)

Octane Magazine

Nov 2018 - Feature
May 2021 - Exige’s generations comparison

Practical Classics Magazine

April 2020 - buying Feature.

PPC Magazine

Sept 2009 - Honda Type R Engine Conversion Exige Feature

More to follow :+1:

What a great resource! Thanks for taking the time to sort that out.

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Beyond Magazines the S1 Exige plays a supporting part in a handful of books mainly about the Elise;

Lotus Elise - by John Tipper

Lotus Elise / Elise Rebirth of the True Lotus (same book different titles) - by Alistair Clements

Elise and Exige 1995-2020 - by Johnny Tipper

Lotus Elise - Limited Edition by Brooklands Books

Lotus Elise Official Story (vol 1) by Jeremy Walton

Lotus Elise and Exige 1996-2005 by Brooklands Books

Elise completed by Trevor Alder Transport Source Books #478

Magbook Lotus from Seven to Evora by Evo Magazine

There’s also two service folders from Lotus which are nice to have as a companion to the cars;

Elise Service Notes (the later versions include a dedicated addendum for the Exige and 340R) - A111T0327J

Exige 2000 Model Year Onwards Service Parts List - B111T0325J

I don’t want to suggest this is exhaustive but it’s the only published books I’m aware of with S1 Exige content👍

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Marketing content wise the only “advert” I have ever seen is this;

I only have one copy of it that I took from a magazine, I haven’t seen it since, shame as really like it. It’s nearly A4

I have the traditional dealer brochures, the car booklet and the period extras brochure. The latter appears quite hard to find and includes pictures of all the on period extras available which I like;

This is a double sided “brochure” which on the reverse just has specs for the Exige, pretty easy to come by on eBay etc.

The first of these “info” guides is for the Sport Elise and is just a 2 sides thin card overview of the series and cars.

The actual Exige is 4 sides and again an info guide but quite nicely produced. This one I have rarely seen;

I have a number of press /marketing picture cards from in period. Sorry about the quality of some of the photos was hard to capture without reflections.

These 3 are my favourite and took me a few years to collect all 3 (I’m only aware of there being three. They are near A4 (20x26) glossy card with Lotus detail on the rear;

I have literally just stumbled across this one on eBay and brought it, this is the eBay picture because it’s not arrived yet. But had never seen it prior. Curious if more I’ve not seen now. But same as Orange car prints just sub A4, glossy card print;

I know these technically don’t count it’s Sport Elise but I collected them anyway. These with exception of the postcard version (which is a TOCA promo card) are agin the 20x26cm size and glossy card;

I also picked up full A4 versions with some overlap. The reason for two that look the same if the wording difference on two of the descriptions (one is rare - can’t recall which!);

This is near quad poster size, each rectangle fold is A4. As you can see it’s a magazine free pull out poster. Just never seen another so picked it up;

This is a KW Davis print from ‘99. I know it’s not technically a marketing picture but sharing as I’m here!

There are 3 A3 size versions of the titles MS Elise prints above as well (I have these but couldn’t face rolling them out). But if you have wall space would frame nicely.

I’ll get to Models next :+1:

I don’t know 100% but I did read that a licensing issue led to s1 Exige die cast models not being made for quite a while. But as I’m aware outside of the GT1 Elise type models these are those available.

The 1/18th Orange S1 by GT Spirit I believe is the only model to that scale. It’s no longer in production and only a low volume was produced. It sold out pretty quickly. It’s a nice authentic and realistic model to my eyes.

There are two Spark 1/43 models, the titanium and yellow ones. These are really rare now. The black and green ones again by Spark are technically Sport Elise but are nice additions and rare too (not as the Exige)

And really that’s it… other than 1/64 Hot Wheels. They again are all labelled as Sport Elise. I’ve accumulated what I think is a full set now. Some are much more common than others. In this picture the Yellow, Purple (with white wheels) and gold are called 1st editions and are the most common. The White version has just in 2022 been released. The Green “thrill racer” is quite hard to find and the silver car is sought after. Of the loose cars the green car with blacked windows was a McDonald’s promotion. The purple car #6 with the alternative wheels is desirable;

Here’s a packaged version of the McDonald’s promotion version;

This alternative wheel version of the gold #12 car is quite rare and collectable;

This is the rarest of the Hot Wheels, the Speed Racers are collectable for any car variant;

These are unusual ones, the Easter one is just, well unusual ?! The Yellow painted one is part of a “mystery machine” collection. It was packaged in a opaque box so it was pot luck what was inside. The Red car I think is a US only model and sold as a promotion with Walmart;

I’ll immediately be proven wrong but I believe for S1 Exige/Exige-esq models that’s the lot.

If interested there are a few dedicated Hot Wheels sites re the Sport Elise Models

The last thing I thought I’d post was the collectable things for the S1 Exige car itself. The OEM extras rather than the aftermarket.

Based on the brochure the bits you could buy at the time to Jazz up your Exige included;

Extra bits not in this brochure but I’m aware of included the “Exige” Cam cover rather than the red or black Elise script one.

And the “Exige” sill/step plates

And at the point of order Air-con, and radio

And of course the Motorsport Seat and harnesses (and harness bar. And apologies for rubbish picture but also the “luggage” net behind the seats.

Other variations I’ve seen include the extended Alcantara, my car has the sill protectors, door cards and original steering wheel to match the seat insert colour. I’ve seen a number of non air-con cars with the dash strip in Alcantara too.

Definitely more than one wonder handle variation too.

Plenty of after market extras but I think that’s the core lotus direct extras.

(If anyone has the black alloy hand brake handle - I’m looking !)

Hope of interest :+1:

Well, that’s top geekery! I’m impressed. Thank you.

A little addendum to the original posts. Just to keep current.

New Magazine features;

Absolute Lotus Aug/Sept 2022 (cover car and feature)
Absolute Lotus Jan 2023 (upgrade feature/comparison)

New Hot Wheels Models;

Two 2023 model releases

And the rarest hotwheels as I’m aware it was a McDonalds Happy Meal toy back in early 2000’s but in this colour only in Australia…

Also found a couple of additional press pictures for the Exige at launch (Silver car) from 2000.

And a couple more of the Lotus press pack pictures of the MS Elise in the Autobytle race series that were part of launch pack

Last update is a few magazine adverts from in period that features the Exige. The first is my favourite by far, but captured the other two including the MS Elise for interest;

Hope of interest just like having a back catalogue for interested :+1:t2: