S1 Exige

A few details;

Chassis 256

In my custody since 2001 - 1 previous owner - 75k miles on the clock, 73k miles of pure driving pleasure in my ownership :slight_smile:

Featured in last years Classic and Sportscar (Steve Sutcliffe) article - Noble M400 v Lotus Exige.S1

Reg number S1 EXG by separate negotiation

This Exige is NOT immaculate but has been very well looked after and maintained during my ownership - has the usual must have accessories…

Change of plan has made me consider selling… offers invited over £23k

Also for sale DVA 220bhp VHPD K engine - never run…offers in excess of £4.5k

You without the S1?
It will be like bacon without egg, crumpets without butter, Morecambe without Wise. . .

A lesbian in a heterosexual marriage, coke in a beer can, a Honda in an S1 or worse still an Audi in an S1! :mrgreen:

What are your plans Simon?

Wish you had done this a month ago…

Benja may well have solved my problem :slight_smile:

It’s a space issue - Motorhome + car trailer will soon be arriving on my not too capacious drive for next year, something has to give :smiley:

Arriving home last night and seeing the silver machine sitting forlornly on the drive in the prevailing arctic conditions really spooked me :astonished: - in that I was not giving her the treatment she properly deserves :blush:

I really hope so Simon :clap:

Donington Park has the Grand Prix Collection and now also has Exiges.com Collection :sunglasses:


It’s not April is it?!? I don’t believe you’ll REALLY sell it, being my sister car. I’m interested in the number plate, but it’ll probably be out of reach for me. Can you give me/us an idea of price for the plate please.


Hi Kurt

Exige sale is on hold at the mo’ as I have found a temporary b&b over winter for it :slight_smile: