s1 exige wont rev past 5500rpm

sat at 50 mph through road works when got to other side put foot down and the car would not rev past 5500 so slowed down and went down to 4th and still wont go past 5500 so i dipped clutch and reved and still wont go over 5500 switched off ignitionand back on and all is well car revs straight through
any thoughts ie should i worry
ps it has a 190 lotus ecu

There should be a dealer fix for this. It’s the ecu thinking there’s a misfire and restricting the revs.

My money is on alternator problem, had it twice already, almost like a hard rev cut.

Mine does it now if my battery has discharged below 13 Volts when the engine is on. Have it all sorted now and don’t let the battery run down. To be honest i tried everything and it was alternator related both times.

I’ve got teh same trouble (also seems to be after spending a moment at 2000-3000rpm).
This is not very often…
Anyone know if some protections (in case of heavy temp in the engine bay exist??)

(I’ve ever clean the hub sensor)
I send an email to A Plant at Lotus to know if recall have been done (exige 190).

ok Jason, bet you �50 its not the alt

ECU safety mode.

When this happened to me I put up a detailed description and it ultimately turned out to be just the cable between the ECU wheelspeed sensor and the ECU. See if the symptoms match on this thread from last year.

Thank you but please:
-How check this cable?
-if it is the case, exige would not rev after 5500 all over the time??

Massive thanks to Ben for completing this post. It helped me fix my car the day before donnington !!!

For me it was the OSR speed sensor. The cable tie holding the wiring to the handbrake cable had moved and it was pulling apart the connector from the sensor onto the engine / ECU harness. Seperated and re-connected it, securing it properly agian. Managed to hold out all through the track day.

Sorry I forgot to mention, and I apprecaite that these are very old threads … the missfire at 5500 is a leak in your vacuum hose spiderweb somewhere,. . I had this years ago, couldn’t fix it so succummed to Bellend and crapsvill… For some reason I went back through al the paperwork that came with the car and … yes… it had happened before. Same fault symptoms , same fix…
Again , dont hesitate to drop me a note and I can try and help you out