S1 exige wheels for sale

as it says …Lotus S1 exige rimstock wheels for sale, used and in a used condition, �800.
Or repainted as new for �1000.
They are off the car and don’t have tyres fitted, they are ready to go.
ps email me on

There’s a member called BERTONE who’ll probably snap your arm off. I’ve pointed him at this thread.

edit Aha - already been in touch. I’ll move along now…

Are these still up for grabs??

they sure are

You have PM (I hope). GIve me a call.

I assume that your email address is missing the @ in the obvious place and I have PM’d you on it with a tel no but nothing heard. Are they still fo sale. If so can you please check out your inbox on the quoted email address.

Mike sorry - I have not received either PM or other from you. Correct email is [email protected] - make sure you use the co.uk though …not com!
They are still for sale, will call you today once I have your number.