S1 Exige wanted....

Good caring home given to S1 Exige… If you are selling , thinking of selling or know a man who is, please contact me .
Straight buy no messing with trade ins , track day use not a problem as that is where I intend to use it.

DONE IT Bought a nice one last night… Blooming long trip but worth the visit.
SO new (guess what colour ) Exige will be on track at Snetterton at the end of the month…

done it…



Applejack ( A little known green colour - on a Mini …)

you can have Any colour you like as long as its black

1970’s bumper car glitter purple!!!

I really get fed up with all these meaningless debates about car colour…

I think it is about time that we let the exiges themselves decide…

My proposal is that we don’t wash our cars at all for a period of six months or possibly a year, whilst driving them up and down motorways, and then see what colour they all end up…

Of course we all know that exiges PREFER to be black anyway, and by this method they would all get their wish !!!


He he,
this photo is from north wield, my exige is at the back 1 in from the right, everyone thought it was a titanium exige until i told them it was actually the same colour as the one on far right at back. Havent washed it since i got it


DONE IT Bought a nice one last night…

Well done - going to chuck your bus pass away now?


Pink you say?


Pink you say?

Yes please

Pink or brown, it’s all the same to me !!