S1 Exige Video

Well here�s one I hadn�t seen before…


Cheers David, I hadn’t seen that before either.

Shame they got the owner’s (ex) surname wrong - it ain’t “Potter”

I’d never noticed the front clam ‘vents’ in front of the doors on that car before being more MS Elise than Exige.

Shame they got the owner’s (ex) surname wrong - it ain’t “Potter”

Great quote: “all the sticky out bits actually do things” !

Hey - that’s my car (now).
I bought it from Dick Lovett in Swindon about 2 years ago.
The salesman told me it had been featured in some video - but I never found it.
Anyway, I’ve kept it pretty well std - unlike many of the guys on here - but it still makes me smile - especially on trackdays!

“You’ve got to be very very stupid indeed - or be going very very fast indeed to lose it…” I don’t know if Chris Goffey was referring to the actual car featured - but there was this moment at Goodwood…- thankfully it just ended up with some grass in some of the “sticky out bits”

Stuh - glad it’s brought you out of the long grass…