S1 Exige Speedlines

Original magnesium speedlines to fit S1 Exige.

Usual specs:

  • 16" fr / 17" rr
  • 4 * 95.25 PCD

Purchased from a chap in Italy a few years ago as I planned to buy an S1. It didn’t happen and they’ve stayed in their boxes. Not new, they have some marks on them from use. Obviously incredily rare wheels though that hardly come up for sale.

I’ll take some pics shortly, but feel free to get in touch if you’d like to reserve them ahead of that.


Any idea of the weight?

I’ll weigh them for you.

I had a set of Rimstocks and they’re a fraction of the weight of those.

6.7kg front
8.3kg rear

Are these sold?

Yep, sorry.

best wheels for an s1 exige IMO.

it was the wheels i spent 2 years looking for and gave up and fitted GT hubs so i could expand my choice.