S1 Exige Speedline Corse Wheels wanted

Still looking good, Ben👍

I need 2 fronts to make a set (sorry broken a few racing) but I could take a full set or 2.

If anyone needs repairs or refurbish for mag wheels [email protected] is the place.

Anyone want to sell? [email protected]

Hey guys. I keep getting people ask me for my wheels 4 or 5 times a year every year.

I did initially try a few years ago. But ive tried again and actually have a contact email there now.

There are a few hurdles to overcome.

They will do an alloy batch with a min order of 12 sets. All original sizes they made. We can choose colours etc but it can happen.

I need to over come a shipping eori number and there are taxes etc.

If anyone is interested seriousely drop a message or reply and ill see how it looks.


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If Speedline will only make them now in aluminium (the original Corse were magnesium) why not try one of the UK manufacturers like Image or 3SDM? Both of these make a similar 5-spoke as a 3-piece wheel, so offset, width, etc. is far easier and being in the UK there’s no EORI, import duty, shipping cost, etc. to bother about or to increase costs.

An option mate. For sure. They just won’t be speedlines though. Im only looking into it because of the amount of people i get asking to buy my wheels every year. Although i run a really rare 17 inch front on them and ive only ever seen another one in france i think running this.

But defo a valid point bud. Could look at other manufacturers :man_shrugging:

I’ve seen the interest in Corse’s over the years, always seemed to me that ‘mag’ was one of the big reasons?

There are issues with the material now or, more accurately, chromating is getting very controlled for H&S reasons. I wonder if this is why Speedline will only make them in aluminium now.

3-piece are likely to come out at a better cost than 1-piece, too. Different car, but I had quotes for racecar wheels on a restoration project, around £1800 vs £3000+ (these were for CNC copying a period design).

I have a set of these wheels with some very old track rubber. I was going to fit them to my S1 but build project is absorbing my funds.

There in good condition but not new start, (no curb marks, some of the stickers aren’t great).

There located in Guildford in the south east and would prefer collection to avoid the risk of shipping.

Send me a message if any ones interested.