S1 Exige - Rimstocks - Now sold!

I have a set of S1 Exige Rimstocks for sale. In black obviously!!

Very good condition… includes a set of lightly used 48s.

Edit - just checked… and the 48s are more heavily used than I thought… rears showing about 1mm tread OVER the wear bars - fronts have plenty of meat - mostly road use so not heat cycled.

GBP 1150 ono - buyer to collect

GBP1000… due to tyre condition

Just noticed that you’re in Kew…I lived down the road in Barnes until recently and never spotted another S1. I’m not that far away now in Hampton Wick.

What’s going on with the car…are some upgrades in the pipeline?

The VHPD tried to eat part of the throttle bodies and got rather broke as a result. Faced with the choice of a big bill for the vhpd… or a bigger bill to convert…

I guess the fire sale in the classifieds give a hint of where my thinking is!

I am interested in the wheels, but not the tyres. Consider splitting, and poss doing a deal with the gear box?