S1 Exige in print

Being a geek :open_mouth: I’ve been slowly accumulating magazines featuring the S1 especially from the 2000/2001 period it was launched. Parking Evo magazine because I have them all, and they featured the S1 about 3 times to different degrees I have the below - can anyone suggest any others to look out for to complete my geekdom??!

Aug 2001 Sportscar magazine - main feature
Aug 2001 CCC magazine - big elise family feature
May 2002 CCC magazine - ultimate track day car feature
Oct 2013 classic and sportscar - exige v noble
Sept 2006 classic and sportscar - elise family feature
April 2001 autocar - clio v6 v imprezza v exige
Aug 2001 autocar - new exige first test
Apr 2000 autocar - exige preview
Dec 2000 autocar - group test
Aug 2000 autocar - britains best drivers car
May 2001 nov 2001 feb 2002 sept 2002 Autocar Chris Harris autocar fleet reviews
Sept 2000 Top gear - driven review
Dec 2001 Top Gear - noble v m coupe v exige
Nov 2000 car magazine - car of the year
Sept 2000 car magazine - driving review
Jul 2000 autoexpress - new lotus exige
Apr 2000 autoexpress - exige preview
Oct 2001 autoexpress - caterham v s2000 v exige
Oct 2001 classic cars - healey frog eye sprite v exige (!)

Wow, top geekery! You should scan them all in for the benefit of the community…

There was a magazine that featured Jas’s honda’d machine :

Speedhunters have done a couple of reviews. There’s a slightly mental all carbon Audi powered one in there somewhere.

Agreed, definately need to scan them all for the community! :smiley: :smiley:

If I have a quiet few hours (!) I’ll scan for all :wink:

Would that be your Exige in this Octobers Classic Car?

For info the 2013 C&SC featured my Exige :smiley:

Hey Simon, yes my car, it was a fun day out, but it’s a dire article real dross, nice to see it in print though and I’m promised the photographs which allowing for the gazillion taken will be cool. I preferred your feature, it was Colin Goodwin wasn’t it, he comes across as a proper car guy!

Steve Sutcliffe did the article, great journo - great day out and the Noble owner was a top bloke :slight_smile: - photo album they sent me was awesome…

btw your car looks absolutely great :slight_smile:

Sorry Steve Sutcliffe, I remembered it being one of the really good uk motor journo’s it was a good piece. I’m still waiting for the photos to arrive but having some professionally taken was what made it for me. Thanks for comments ref the car, I did go as far as polishing it for the day! :smiley:

Car magazine Nov 2000 - Comparison of Exige against Ferrari 360, TVR Tuscan & BMW Z8.

CCC Jan 2001 - an Exige featured in a Dave Walker rolling road session with some Lotus 7s.

Evo Sept 2000 - press car review.

Yes, see this thread :slight_smile:


Just bought the mag Marc - they should have included a picture of your engine in the article - a work of pure art :slight_smile:

That would have been a better alternative than my face! :wink:

And another one
BUYING Guide MLC CH DS (Low-res PDF).jpg