S1 Exige genuine roof seal

I have a brand new unused S1 Exige roof seal. These have been unobtainable for a number of years.

Start the bidding please.

just let me know a price sean :smiley:

Interesdting…price plz?

I don’t know what its worth really. I have turned down £250 though.

Im out. Lol

Surely it’s not worth that Sean. Anyone who wanted one could just buy an S1 hardtop and sell it on without the seal and they wouldn’t lose anywhere near £250.


S1 Hard top for Elise from Lotus new is listed at £1800 + vat with the seals being obsolete as you say Sean.
Its worth what ever you want for it
There will be someone who has a really nice S1 that is prepared to buy new parts and not use second hand shite
Good luck mate

Now hang on just a minute…

Any chance someone can buy this and get some more made up from somewhere. Surely eliseparts/shop/seriously lotus have contacts to get some made up?

There’s obviously a few of us who want/need them, I’m sure elise owners with tatty seals would buy them too?

I’ve tried that using a new genuine seal for them to copy and met/spoke with a number of companies specialising in this (including the OE manufacturer of the S1 seal). I am pretty resourceful and trust me I drew a blank! You just wont get it done unless you commit to production numbers that just don’t make any commercial sense.

There are other solutions that although not a one piece item like the OE are are just as good or better if you are prepared to spend some time getting samples and using a bit of trial and error.

Sean’s one is worth in excess of the £250 he has been offered no problems IMO. Its probably one of only a handful or the only one in existence!

there was the guy with the audi s1 elise who used s2 exige ones and they worked, he has a webpage and it showed you.


surely this is a good budget option

I did wonder if that would be a problem, but someone like elise parts might be happy to have a lot and keep them in stock?

Let’s face it, it’s not worth it really. It’s a bit of foamy rubber. Unfortunately there are a few of us who need them and not very many available. Supply and demand.

Did you end up using the genuine seal or did you find a solution using other seals?

I don’t think I am taking the piss to be honest. It’s the only genuine brand new one in existence.

Sorry Sean, didn’t mean it to come across quite like that! My logic doesn’t really work when applying it to other things anyway (it’s only a bit of metal/fibreglass/carbon/blah)

I’m just bitter because someone had taken the seals off the exige roof I bought :frowning:

Not quite, I’ve got a spare brand new one too :wave: