s1 exige for sale

Oh that’s just beautiful.

That really does look good!!

Lovely looking car.

Looks fantastic in that colour. I see the price has been dropped from when first listed as well. I’d of held out as it looks great​:sunglasses::+1:

Is this kurt’s? Aka Elise111S :thinking:

Must be looking for a quick sale! It was closer to £50k a couple of weeks ago, then £42k, now £39k on FB!

Yep that is Kurt’s ol’ Exige with freshly rebuilt engine - it expired a few weeks after he sold it.
Nice car. Exige prices have definitely softened in the last 3 months, buyers market out there at the mo.

It’s funny I know quite a few sportscar dealers and they are all having a boom time. People aren’t going on flash (or any other) holidays. Not spending heavily in shops, so many are treating or cheering themselves up by buying posh wheels. Borrowing is cheap etc.

I actually have noticed prices for things such as Aston V12 Vantages which I have a fancy for and been watching for months they have crept back up after really softening during the first lockdown. In July it’s was into £50’s quite a drop, now back into £70’s so think I missed my moment.

Market isn’t at its crazy peak, but I think reasonably solid. I hope for anyone selling you get a good price :+1:

Agree, the classic car market is a little all over the place at the moment.

There is a nice New Ali SC Honda’d S1 Exige coming up for auction soon on collecting cars, will be interesting to see what it realises, the last S1 Exige sold for a ridiculously low amount on CC.

It’s properly lovely isn’t it.

Does anyone on here have a V6 and an S1?

I’m thinking, if I’m going to be commuting/driving a lot less, then I want my driving experience to be Wasabi rather than gravy.

I have 5 cars that have barely turned a wheel in 9 months…

Wondering if a utility car, plus 2x Exige would be a plan.

Down to £37k originally £47k, obviously wants it gone … shame as really great colour and all the right options.

Any thoughts in terms of originality and value for money?

Only my view but it’s one of the external best colours, has the super desirable MS seats, harnesses and quick release wheel. It has nice factory extras such as the carbon airbox and a couple of in period after market extras such as the cam cover with the exige script and the gear leaver guard.

The scholar upgrade isn’t original but it’s the original engine so that’s all good. At £37k If I was still looking to buy I would pursue to buy given its price point.

I’m not mileage obsessed, I buy in condition, so that would be my determining factor. Looks good from what the pictures show.

It’s dreadful timing to sell. If it was mine I’d withdraw it and wait until the spring and hopefully a better outside world …