S1 Exige daily runner

Anyone use a S1 Exige as a daily runner?
My mileage would be about �1k a month.
Love them but would I love it that much!?


Many here have used them daily, others haven’t.

I did for the first 6 months or so, & covered 11000 miles loving every moment…but I am barking mad!

In other words, only you can answer that after trying it.

They are “high maintenance” in VHPD form, so you should always have a “contingency fund” of at least �3K up your sleeve for emergencies.

I’m using mine as a daily runner

Glad the snow has gone !

Yeah i used to use mine as a daily runner - Was the only thing i looked forward to about going to work

Been using mine every day for the past 7 years - I didn’t think there was an issue…

after a break of a year im back to using mine as a daily driver, but i suppose it kind of depends what sort of roads you use as to if you could live with it.

Perfect car for use every day Gareth. Wouldn’t want to do more than a 40 mile commute tho, but other than that… Purrrrfik