S1 Exige Car Cover Wanted

I take delivery of an S1 Exige this weekend and I’m after a good quality car cover to keep it looking good.

Me and several other have one of the waterproof and breathable covers from these guys clicky . Fits like a glove and looks mean on the drive,…nothing like getting to the weekend after a long week and pulling back the covers to reveal the beast …that’s what I say to all the girls anyway

Oh and may I be the first to welcome you to the exclusive club. So give us some details of your purchase, where are you based etc etc. Hope to see you at an event/track soon.



Ben’s right, top cover. Available in a range of colours.


Welcome Tim

Thanks for your recommendations - I now have a cover on order.

Looking forward to tracking the car asap (Nurburgring in September).

Cheers Tim