S1 Elise with 1.8T Audi Turbo conversion


What is the going price for an S1 Elise with a full and professional Audi 1.8T install.

I have three cars available (White, Black and Red) all with circa 275bhp running standard Bosch Audi ECU with FBW throttle.

I have images of all cars during their build if anyone wants to host them for me.

All cars run BAM 225bhp TT/S3 engines with remap and still support full Audi OBD so perfect running characteristics.

Engine mounts, drive shafts, gear cables, intercooler, air inlet, exhaust systems, wiring loom etc are all our own design and manufactured to very high standards.

Cars are beautifully built and have been converted by our own VW/Audi technician with over 15 years experience.

May consider selling conversion parts only in the future but for the time being only fully built cars are available (although will take std S1 Elise / Exige in P/X).

We can build from 275bhp upto 600bhp depending on your requirements (450bhp T30 powered demo car nearing completion).



What is the going price for an S1 Elise with a full and professional Audi 1.8T install.

Will very much depend upon the overall spec/condition eg wheels/tyres/suspension/brakes/seats, but I would have thought somewhere in the range of �18k to �25K.

Post some pics of the cars and installs for us all to see

my brothers Exige converted elise with Audi engine went for �18500 and Bernards old red s1 elise was up for �17500 not sure what it sold for though. If its just a standard elise with Audi lump on 270ish bhp id say �16000 tops, to get well into the �20’s it would need to be a well sort track/race car i would say.

Yep, all depends on the other upgraded bits (suspension, brakes etc) and condition.

�15-20k approx I’d recon, but the market is terrible at the moment

I’d have to agree with above, dependant on condition and spec 15-20k. If you are selling 3 then it may take a while, doubt there is 3 buyers out there right now!

Now decided to sell my recently finished White car (too many cars).





Where is your showroom, Nick?


Car is in Burnley, Lancashire (BB11 2BY).

Tel: 01282 433344 to arrange viewing (speak to Barry or Andrew).

Ta Nick.

SLOW down Rob!!! :wink:

Price now reduced as space needed.