S1 Elise Wanted

Hi There,

Looking to do a motorsport conversion on an S1, so need a donor car. That opens up any possibility from outright track slags to pristine tinkered with and modded cars.

If you have:

  1. A high mile, suspect condition S1 - pm me
  2. A heavily modded/supercharged (TT) etc S1 - pm me
  3. A high mile S1 in stunning condition with full history - pm me

in short, if you have an S1 of any description, pm me

Money waiting, quick decision possible. Probably pics will be enough, I will just get it tailored up to my garage.

Thanks for reading.


Give me a call I know of a decent 111s that is for sales
High miles but mostly original
Has nitrons, an engine refurb new brakes etc etc
Has hard and soft tops…