S1 (Elise) Stack Problem

Evening all,

Just went out for a spin - all was well to start with, then the LCD part of the display went off. Tacho and speedo still working OK, warning lights all OK, back-lighting OK (including LCD area and changing the back-light brightness).

No idea how much fuel is in it now !

Had a look through the Sevice Manual but can’t see anything obvious, so fearing it’s serious (ie expensive).

Anyone know the Stack model number as it’s not mentioned in the Service Manual ?

Also, I have an Emerald not the original ECU if that makes a difference.

Looking through the Service Manual again, it might be that the LCD isn’t part of the Stack anyway. Hmmmm…

I’d check the connections on the Emerald first - the manual (or you can download a copy from their site) with that should state whether they take feeds for this info.

Not heard of any Exige/Elise issues with Stack units, as opposed to the very high rate of attrition of the Stack LCDs on the 340R.

They have a routine to return to base for a fix - I think its about �240 and can be done without involving a dealer.

Or I will flog you my spare for �150.

Or I will flog you my spare for �150.

How many miles is it showing?

How many do you want it to show

Russ, you know me and spending money !

It’s most likely a poor connection as it’s been on and off twice today again. I’ll have a look at the connections at either end.

Russ, you know me and spending money !

Never the twain shall meet?