Can someone help, I have an over fuelling problem and need to check the ECU for the fault codes. What ECU is used in the S1 Exige and can it be read by a normal garage (not Lotus dealer).
Oh and what connection does it have.


Unfortunately I think the original S1 ECU is from an Esprit. A sort of square bronze coloured box bolted to the bulkhead. It’s definitely not a Rover MEMS unit. The chances of general garage being able to read it are fairly remote, but I could be wrong. If it supports OBDII, then it might be possible.
Checked the engine coolant sensor? If that’s failed, the ECU might run the car rich as it thinks it’s cold.
Lamda sensor?

Assume you know you’ve definitely not got an Emerald in there? If you have, it’s as simple as plugging into a serial port on a laptop (plus downloading the software from Emerald’s site).

Thanks Alex, yeah i changed the coolant sensor, at only �12 it would be a cheap fix but the problem is still there.
Think i need to run a fault check now; it could get expensive just changing parts and hoping.

Whereabouts in the country are you? Most specialists have the Lotus ECU readers. Any of the usual suspects would be willing to help I’m sure…

Im in mid Devon, miles from anywhere

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Your a star thats all of 15 miles from me. I will ring them Monday.