S1 clutch cable replacement

Any tips on how to replace the clutch cable on my S1???



Not possible…
It’s hydrolic!!

Fairly sure the braided hose runs down the passenger sill from memory, I could be wrong I forget. What’s up Mark?

It was a bugger of a job. Young Tom worked most of the day with the biggest issue getting the old &the new through the dashboard.
Packed up at Anglesey on the best track day of the year - but on lap 1!
New slave & bracket fitted.
Hoping for Donny on Wednesday evening!

Tomtastic :clap:

Enjoy Donny!

I hope to be there on Wednesday evening., look for a yellow S1 in the paddock. Probably not driving on track as I’m only just walking without crutches. I think my wife would kill me if I immediately got in a track car after three weeks on sticks. I’ll chat with my mates this time.

Get well soon Keith