S1 Aerial

Need the base assembly with eletrics and the aerial mast itsself for my S1.

Anyone got them for sale?



I think they’re off a Vauxhall Corsa, if that’s any help. That’s not the current model, the one before that I think.

FFS - you don’t actually try & listen to a wireless do you? :astonished:

I don’t Mr P - I just think that if I do a few longer journeys that I might want it for the road traffic… I’ve never actually had mine on at all so far and did consider not replacing it at all, but it’s one of those things…

Hope to find a second hand one for sale, if not I’ll try Vauxhall for prices as Lotus want �55 for the base & �24 for the mast!!!



I don’t even know where the front panel is for my radio…

Next door to the plasma! :smiley:

FFS - you don’t actually try & listen to a wireless do you? :astonished: [/quote]

FFS, what is a wireless??? I that something inside the SC??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Got one sorted, thanks to Marc!


Oi! All my reply indicates is that to receive radio(wireless) signals in an S1 you require an aerial which, if I recall correctly, are best supplied via a Vauxhall Corsa aerial.
I have no wireless in mine , or other form of entertainment, other than the exhaust note. I have no urgent need to listen to The Archers . . .

You guys dont have radios? FFS you’ll be telling me you dont have blutooth hands free and cupholders next!


Dead right!My only concession to modernity is sat-nav and Road Angel.