Hi Guys - long time since I’ve been on the site - busy rushing all over the place achieving absolutelty FA.
Nice new layout - you got me confused for a moment but my technical skill got me through (thats a miracle).
Anyway enough - my ssssssstutter Car been brilliant - used daily since purchase in March (I think) and done aboyt 3K miles (sorry insurance man - I’ll put it away soon) and today for the 1st time got the nasty stutter at 5,500 RPM. I know this is something I’ve seen mentioned on the site - can someone point me in the right direction to see what to do.
Pesky - did you get my email about the front windscreen sun visor/decal - get me off line and I’ll sort out some ����� for you. Cheers


Have you had the ecu recall done ?


Hi Miles

Ssstutter - assuming your car has had the ECU recall, all you need to do is switch off the engine for 30 secs or so, then restart. I had to do the same last Sunday - got the stutter for no apparent reason!!! (It’s also woth checking that the plug leads are firmly in place on the coil pack).

Sunstrip - yep got your email (I was away in Le Mans between 10th & 18th June), but assumed that you too were away until about now! I’ll post it out to you in the next day or so with my address for the cheque.


You know I had that problem and it was the wheel sensor speed sensor connector - just not connecting good - cleaned up and sprayed with electrolube and no problem since

Well you never know


Miles, try Esteem for the insurance. Cheap and no mileage restriction!


Re: Stutter. Push down your plug leads onto the coil pack… you may find one will “click” back into place. Very common, particularly if they’re std. Lotus items… uprating them to the Magnecor leads solves it for many people.

Gentlemen (and maybe ladies) I am forever in your debt as usual. Not sure if had the ECU recall - I’ll speak to the guy who I bought it off. Going to Angelsey tonight so will play with the leads before hand and give it some wellie to see what happens.
Alread tried Esteem - were more expensive than Norwich Union (via AA, who were actually cheaper than going to Norwich Union directly).
Pesky. Hope Le Mans went OK - I was away whilst it was on so missed everything bar the result which cannot be sniffed at. I’ll try and free myself for 1st Wed in Aug but not having much luck - work keeps getting in the way of holidays/diving.

Miles,I agree with andy.I disconnected my wheel speed sensor plug,cleaned up the terminals and…hey presto!no more stuttering.

Just to clarify, the wheel sensor thing is only going to be the problem if the ECU HAS been replaced with the new one. It won’t cause it with the old ECU.

In fact one of the reasons there is a new ECU was to iron out that stutter.

Playing with leads seemed to do the trick (or simple re start) - gave beastie it’s head on Angelsey (surely there are no speeding laws there - it’s abroad) no sssssstutter at all and managed to get 35+MPG - it just gets better & better