'S' Engine Cover Gas Strut (x2) replace with x1?

Hi Everyone

My S is an early one with 2x gas struts (one either side of the engine) and they are distorting the shut lines on the boot.

Anyone swapped from these to the later single strut design? Anyone know of part codes/costs etc?

It is an easy swap that you could get the dealer to do before you pick it up as doesnt cost much, but if you want to get an uprated intercooler i.e. forge item than with the one strut lid it will catch as it closes wighter i think, however i think there could possibly be a fix for this now but it is something to be aware of.

Edit to say Boothy can shed more light on this as he has the one strut when he fitted his intercooler where as I still have the 2 strut lid.

Mine started life with a 2 strut design but Castle got it changed under warranty as the fit was so bad… ring Joe at Castle he might well be able to sort the bits for you.