Rusty bolts etc

Was looking through the other posts & someone mentioned a rusty bolt on their S2 Exige on the radiator (they were a bit p****d of about it) - Me too, got me thinking about all the rusty bolts & other rusty bits on our 2004 S2 Exige. How come they don’t pay a bit more attention to the finer details after all they are supposed to be very good at engineering, so how come they cant buy bolts which don’t rust, or mesh or splitters etc etc etc - any comments? I’m sure we all spend a lot of time making our cars look good and then there’s always a rusty something to let the side down

I’m sure we all spend a lot of time making our cars look good

I take it you’ve not met Tut or his car then ?


As a rant yeah, life’s a bitch, and then you die.

As a solution, start buying some SS or alloy bolts and changing them as you se them.
Common sizes are M5x20, M6x20 and then you get on to all special sizes. Demon thieves offers some mixed kits to start you off.

Seeing you’re in Scotland, have you visited

I have seen a lot of weekend cars with more rust on bolts, wishbones, hubs etc than car�s with 40,000 miles on them. I think its down to washing the car after a run then putting in the garage, the water just sits on the bare metal as the is no air flow to dry it, unlike if it was used every day and sat out side.

Does that make sense

Oh i used to do this as well, but now just take it for a short drive to get the water off.

Ideed life is a bitch, it’s not really a rant just thought they might habe paid more attention to detail, however your siggestion looks like a good idea, I thought it would be hard to find these but thanks. Yes I’m on Scottish Elise’s under a different name, it’s pretty good also.

No afraid not, is it that bad, he obviously has better things to do with his time!

It’s a shame they don’t make that extra effort. I guess they have to build the car down to a cost, but it wouldn’t cost much to use stainless bolts for the few that are visible. I’ve got rusty bolts on my radiator, but they’re inacessible without removing the front clam. That’s a lot of work for such a small cosmetic thing.