Running without antifreeze?

Just read this on other site and wondered if anyone had considered it, especially the racing guys who’s cars are only used in limited conditions.

“Research has shown that antifreeze increases the cylinder wall temperatures. If your vehicle does not live in a climate where freezing is a threat, remove all antifreeze and replace with a solution of pure corrosion inhibitor. An example is Motorcraft SXC103. The concentrations of water/antifreeze indicated on antifreeze product labels is often far too high for the Southern African climate. Reducing the concentration will aid cooling and reduce creep-seep. (The creeping properties of anti-freeze makes it ooze from pipe connectors leaving green stains over parts of the cooling system).”

Water has better cooling capicities than antifreeze. That’s why they do this trick.

Used this trick on my turbo-ed MX-5. At autobahnspeeds it tended to overheat due the theeassive FMIC blocking airflow through the radiator. chaging the mixture down to 95% destilled water and 5% antifreeze (because of crossion protection) cooling massively improved.