Running out of space!

Guys, we are running out of drive space.

Yes, there is a direct correlation between [ NEW FEATURE ] All your pictures are hoovered up! and this.

At time of writing we have around 26GB of data free. My hoover has 211000 jobs queued up. If each job is a file thats 100kb we will burn 21.1GB of data.

This server that we are on has a fair bit of disk space free but on another partitian. What I have to do is point some tech that we use to a new folder, copy the data from the smaller drive volume to that new folder thats on a larger volume then backup this site and restore it.

Its going to need an outage of perhaps 3-4hrs.

Not quite sure when Ill do that but Ill try and keep you lot in the loop.

EDIT : Site moved. Apologies for the downtime

Sounds fine Andy, thank you :+1:

Awesome work you’re doing for the site Andy, thanks again mate! :smiley:

Pulled some decent data in last night! Around 6GB of images from extenal sources!


Site moved. Apologies for the downtime


Bit more free space there despite me hoovering!

Have to say, it’s a subtle change, but I’m really loving this font! It makes a nice flourish - thank you Andy! :+1:

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I was wondering if anyone would notice.

There are actually two font changes.