Rumour quashed

For some time, a malicicious rumour has been in circulation, that Lord Whitter had left Blightly, & had “settled” in an offshore tax haven [or somewhere in North Wales [image][/image]]I am pleased to announce that the rumour was indeed, only a rumour! This very evening, I have sampled the delights of freshly enthused ground coffee beans with our long lost amigo. Lord Whitter is in extreme good health, & is ready to join in the jolly banter of this bbs - plus the odd track day.He, & Lady Whitter (who was today in London on hush, hush business), have recently returned to Cheshire, after re-patriating the Lambo from its birthplace in Italy. I am informed that the orange beastie is now “run-in”. After much grovelling (by me!!!) I have secured a passenger ride in the 610bhp monster, & will be “entertained” in the not too distant future [image][/image][This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 13 August 2002).]

Forever the comedian! [image][/image] All being well and weather permitting the orange monster should put in an appearance this Wednesday evening at the monthly meet in Belmont. Hopefully I�ll see a few familiar faces there… [image][/image]