Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. I am a proud new owner of an orange exige for a couple of months now. Being all the way down under here in Australia, the Lotus dealers are far from being helpful. They have no idea whats going on and what goes where. Thank goodness you guys and gals are here to help others out. I noticed that the exige suffers terribly from road rash as mine has. What is this “Rubber Strip Protection” that is of topic. If anyone has a picture of it as to what it looks like I would very much appreciate it if someone can send me a picture so I can get a set from somewhere.

G’day! (sorry, couldn’t resist it)Here you go, there’s a link to a couple of pics on this page. As far as ‘road rash’ goes, mudflaps appear to be the only real solution. Do a search on the site and you’ll find a few suggestions. Having read those and experimented a little myself, I think the best design is flexible rubber (a cheap car mat works nicely) cut to size (just clear of the ground) and attached with something like bulldog clips (I’ll post piccies when I have some). This way they don’t grate on the ground during hard cornering and speed bumps. It may not look great but it certainly doesn’t ruin the cars looks.Mind you, this doesn’t help the front, plan for the occational respray.Ian [image][/image]

thanks Ian, I will hop down to the local Lotus dealers and see what they can do for me.OJ

Hi OJ,I am assuming you have dealt with the guys at Rick Damelian. I got my Elise from Cavalli’s in Melbourne. The guys there are excellent. If you want their contact details drop me a line at [email protected],Anton

Hi there Anton,Thank’s for your email and your recommendation. I would very much love to get the details off you. Without dwelling into boring and sorryful details, I’m not too happy with the service I am receiving. Thanks again for your recommendations.OJ

OJ,No worries, just drop me a line to the e-mail address above and I’ll forward you all the contact details I have. I’ve dealt with Rick Damlian’s and Cavalli before.I’d also like to find out from you how happy you are with the Exige. 37 degrees here in Sydney today and I had to hose the Elise out after driving it to work, so it can’t be too pleasant in the Exige!

Hi there Anton,I try not to drive it during the day because its like an oven in there lol.OJ