Rubber hose routing

Guys…Does anyone know where the black rubber hose that expells water from the engine compartment ‘sill’(I think that’s what it’s for!!!) is supposed to exit from?Mine seems to be laying around on the aluminium tray in the ‘boot’!!


It fits in the underside of the “black box thing” which is the catch mechanism for the perspex engine cover. If you feel under this box, you will find a metal “spout” about 1" long, & the rubber hose fits over it.

Each time after I wash my car, I disconnect this hose & blow down it - to clear/empty the water in it - strange but true (Maybe this is a blow job for Vinyl Veronique in future?)

Thanks Mr. Pesky.In hindsight,I probably didn’t explain myself too well What I meant to ask is…where does the other end go?

One end attaches to the hole in the drip tray around the tailgate, and the other end is supposed to be tie wrapped to the inside of the right hand wheel arch, at the back. Water that discharges down the tube exits through the small hole that habitually gets blocked with grit after a track day outing or similar…

It is not a good idea to blow the tube out from the bottom end, as I found out one day, cos all that happened was a gigantic geyser of half composted bits of leaf crap, which ended up all over me!!

all that happened was a gigantic geyser…ended up all over me!!

Vinyl Vincent, per chance?

It was black stuff !!

Made my hole in the clam bigger, doesn’t get bunged up now

Great…Thanks Guys