RTV remover

Anyone had any success in removing rtv sealant with these chemicals which claim to dissolve it without harming paintwork ?
I’m looking at removing my roof scoop without having to repaint.

Rectum Transfer Varnish - the mind boggles at what you lot get up to in downtown Dudlaaaay :astonished:

Nope. None what so ever!! The only thing that gets RTV off in my experience is a razor blade or brake cleaner and fine emery paper.

Neither of which your paintwork would appreciate sadly.

▲▲ thats exactly what I feared ▲▲
Looks like it’s being sold with the scoop !!

I have another debonding issue. I would like to remove the mesh from some Reverie carbon side pods without damaging either part. What would be the best way of acheiving this. :slight_smile:

I would imagine take the pods off the car and attack the job from the inside.

Perhaps a JFremmel :smiley:

Lol whatever way you can, it’s a fricking grind however way you do it.

A sharp stanley knife, and plenty of patience :thumbup:
Took me 1 evening per pod to remove the mesh from my OEM items :confused:

Cheers guys, i think!. I cant wait to get stuck in. :confused: :crazy: