RST-V8 engine in lotus???

i came across this rst website, . has anyone out ther seen the elise mentioned? can’t afford either the elise/exige or the engine but will really like to know more bout both of these amazing engineering.


Neil McKeann on Scottish Elises was going to have one put in his S1 (Elise) but the insurance wouldn’t speak to him (he’s 24)

Never found out exactly what it was going to cost him, but the engine itself was something like 11 grand without a gearbox…

Certainly looks interesting…

Comes to mind �25K

is was sinclaires car I think - at the Donington show…las year?

Sinclaire Link

Sinclaires it was. The showstopper on this idea is the GBP9,000 for the gearbox - "The Quaife 34G is suitable for the engine, although our preferred option is the Sadev ST90. This gearbox is the same as they use on the works Citroens and Nissans for the Paris Dakar Rally Raid. The Quaife is approx �7.5K, the Sadev is around �9K, but this does come with the facilities for an electronic shift. Unlike many others on the market this one actually works fantastically well. Also the transmission has its own oil pump for improved lubrication and cooling. If you were considering using this as a track day car I would highly recommend it. "

found some info that this same engine were installed in a caterham with hewland sequential gearbox. with smaller V8 engine in the elise/exige bay, i guess the sport exige with V8 and hewland in malaysia might looks bulky. a 2nd hand S1 elise in malaysia will cost around US$30 - $35k. otherwise that engine and gearbox are some real good upgrades, besides the brakes and suspensions.

I drove the caterham with the RST V8 fitted, and it is without a doubt the fastest thing on the road, this side of a superbike. It would be fantastic in an elise, just wish i could have got insurance