Rover 220 turob a K series engine???

I remember that Rover build some years agoa turbo version namerd 216 or 220.Was the engine derived from the K series??–Stefan Pickl visit my web:

No, its not a k series. Rover made a 2.0 litre turbo version of the 220 Gsi 3dr and coupe, 420 Gsi, 820 Ti saloon and coupe.These all had the same 200 bhp “T” series engine.

quote:These all had the same 200 bhp “T” series engine.[/B]Which caused all kind of problems! Mine had about �7000 of work done on it (thankfully under warranty) and it still dripped oil like it was going out of fashion!My 220 Coupe was awesome in a straight line on a motorway. The turbo gave all the torque at 2000rpm and it would pull away from traffic in 5th like nothing else I’ve driven. However, that’d be the best/only good thing I could say about it.