Rooney's Exige

Picked up on 3rd September 2003, black with 6000m, completely standard like a blank canvas.

Planned Mods:
Momo removeable steering wheel
Quik-shifter and gear linkage kit
Aluminium wiper and indicator stalks

Nice one !!

There’s lots you can do

Plenty of help and guidance here

have you considered the ali bits carefully…they will get hot in sumer and very cold in winter???

all that extra weight

just feels strange having vauxhall astra stalks…

just feels strange having vauxhall astra stalks…

As well as Peugeot switches for the lights etc

I met a guy offering carbon fibre door panel inserts for �60 the pair - that saves 3 grams !!!

I think he could tell from my face that I was not impressed at the weight saving per � equation there,

But everyone has different likes, so go ahead and personalise

Mike - tell us more about the company - �60 sounds really good if its “real” carbonfibre

Well I would if I could…

He just sidled up to the car when I was two cars from the front of the sprint start line and started talking…

I told him to come back and see me after my run, but he didn’t show…

Perhaps a search would unearth him?

Perhaps a search would unearth him?

Trevor Jordache, under the patio, perhaps?

Will only mean something to anyone who used to watch “Brookside” some years ago.

Anna Friel…mmmm

Pesky… your knowledge knows no bounds… all that day-time tv…

Oi Michael RoxTeddy - what you doing posting at this time of the day - it’s usually after midnight when ya wee wifey & sproggs are tucked up


how do you upload pics onto the site?

Have them hosted somewhere else (eg Bookatrack) and then post the URL link OR ask Mr Admin nicely…