Roofless S2 Exige

Not my cup of tea at all. First of all we have an Elise Coupe, now an Elise Targa (albeit “unofficial” at present). If you want a soft top (& there’s absolutely nowt wrong with that), FFS buy the 111R!

Pics Here

Just my view but I really like that

Ok not quite the Exige hardore image but still very very nice IMHO

I fail to see why going roofless is so important. Never had the urge even for a sunroof, don’t think ever will.

And if it is so important, why not just go for the Elise 111R?

Once you go topless it’s hard to stop wanting to at every opportunity

Seriously, I’m just pineing as that’s one thing I’ll really miss, those lazy sunny afternoon drives through the countryside (normally after going mental at a track all day) where you in no great hurry and just soaking up the ambience of the lazt hazy british summer