roof, rear windows....

hi, im buying an s1 exige clam kit for my elise.
I have the option of a motorsport style roof.
can some one post or direct me to a picture of one?
also what choices etc options are there with the rear window? ie do i have to take it out if im havin a m/s roof?
help and suggestions welcome. ta

i dont have a picture to show you but someone will im sure. The roofs i sell all come with the extended vent and when i say motorsport style roof im talking about the back edge where the rear window would fit in. ie if you have a standard style it will have the approx 1" extention on the rear of the roof to hold the window in. If you have motorsport style it doesn’t have that 1" bit so your rear window will have no where to fix to, these are normally used if you use an alloy bulkhead in place of the rear window. I give this option cos the last time i brought a motorsport roof i wasn’t aware the window had no fixing point so had to make up a bracket to hold the window in place which was a pain and not what i expected.

hmmmmm, id like the m/s option and dont mind at all not having the window there, how much of a dog is it going to be to slam in some alloy? or cb/fibre etc, or should i try make a bracket

fook it chris ill have the standard one which will hold the window in.