Roof Fracture

Collected the new Exige, drove home (fantastic drive). But later that evening, I discovered a small fracture in the roof, to rear of the air intake. Why didn’t I spot that before driving off from the dealer? [image][/image]Any suggestions? I will ring the dealer on Monday, I hope he doesn’t blame me !!

KevinSomething been dropped on it? or the GRP crazing? - I don’t think the roof section is particularly stressed so I can’t imagine its any kind of structural worry?Can you post a pic of it?

Could it have been due to a badly fitting boot/hatch thingy, that kept clipping the panel every time it opened ?

RoxTeddy, I got some pics but I don’t think it is possible to attach files to messages on this forum [image][/image] If you wish, I could email them to you instead. Is that ok?Admin5, you could be right. I need to verify this with the dealer. On a lighter note, had a great sprint (of course within the statutory parameters) along the A5 this morning. What a great piece of engineering [image][/image]

I spoke to my dealers regarding the fracture. They are aware that it is a known problem that happens occasionally to some Exiges, caused by the way the tailgate is fitted to the roof. It can be rectified easily, and that they would have no problems addressing this it “at my own convenience”. This will mean I will have to leave the car with them for a week.The dealer in question is Nick Whale in Birmingham, and I would have no problems recommending these guys to anybody - top blokes. [image][/image]Kevin [This message has been edited by Kevin (edited 17 September 2002).]

KevinSounds like you’ve got it answered, but I have no problem if you want to eMail me pics.