roof air intake...

ok. so i’ve finally got her topless - mmm… she looks good without her top on…
against all your advice i’ve taken the roof off my exige S2 - surprisingly easy - and easy to put back too

Now of course the newly created air in-take duct into the engine bay is open, without a grill. So i’m thinking of taking the grill off the original in-take and fitting onto the new intake.

BUT does anyone know why the original intake is blocked up ?
AND does anyone know how i can take off the air in-take grill without damaging the grill or the roof ? - there are to “studs” in the top of the grill - do these screw out ? or pull out ?


[I don’t quite believe I’m answering a query on topless Exiges, I’m just too nice. Forgive me Pesky!]

I believe it was to do with leaking.

Try a search, the query’s come up a few times. I understand that even a Lotus guy that was responsible for part of the design doesn’t really know!