Rolling Road invite

Well, it’s not so much an invite, more of a suggestion.As my car’s running like a pig, I figured I’d get it on a rolling road to see if it’s in my head, or to see where these perceived flatspots are.I’ve booked my car in on Wednesday morning at Northampton Motorsport for a power-run.If any fellow Exige owners (or any other car for that matter) want to have a power-run done for their car… let me know or contact them on 01604 766624They quoted me �50 for a power run with graph etc, so it’s not super-cheap.[ I have no connection with Northampton Motorsport ]

See if they will give us a bulk discount!!!(one on-one off!)

I can try, though I expect there’d need to be more than 2 of us for that.

So… is anyone going (other than me) ?You’ll need to call Northants Motorsport and book your car in if you are.

I’d like to see if the new exhaust has made any difference (not sure the results would be usable from different RRs though), but there’s no way I can have any time off next week Would be interesting to compare several Exiges with different mods, at the same time on the same RR.

Damn, does that mean we’re too cheap?

Is that you Beric ?, no, your not too cheap they are expensive [image][/image]

Emerald are about �30 I think - but they are in Norfolk now, nice drive over there though. Admin - do you have the Emerald ECU? They did an excellent remap on a TTd S2 - much improved on TTs efforts. Cheers

Mark,Looked on the Emerald website,they still give there address as London,where are they based in Norfolk?As i would not mind running the car down,across or even up to them.Cheers Pete [image][/image]

Their website never gets updated! They are at Watton - although I don’t have the full details. Try the SELOC bulletin board?Cheers

Thanks Mark,I will check it out,Watton is in the middle of the sticks,but about 30 miles from where i live,so any reason for a blat out into the country! [image][/image]pete