roll bars

just got back from Nick Whale Lotus, took it there because of a vibration on the car. They have said that the roll bar links are worn and the nylon bushes. Before i buy some new ones i was just wondering if it is worth upgradeing the roll bar/links/bushes etc? is there an upgrade for this, is it worth rose jointing and who can do it? Didn,t realise till today you have 3 holes for the links that you can adjust to stiffen up the car.

You mean the drop links or the blocks ?

The blocks hold the bar on the tub and wear out quick ( for me ) giving a knock - cured by shaving a bit off the flat faces for about 10 miles

The drop links I changed to 10mm Rod ends - Two males RH and LH thread and a short tube - these also rattle but allow you to take any pre-load off the roll bar - and worked out cheaper than the Lotus drop link ( but I did machine the spacers and tubes up myself …)

I think there’s an upgrade on and possibly but I’ll leave you the pleasure of checking.


I had the drop links changed at Nick Whale. Vibration is still there, so there saying it must be wheel bearings. Why do i never believe dealers anymore? �175 for nothing spent there.

Anti Roll Bar and it’s assorted bushings can never cause a vibration… they just don’t work in a way that would let them

I’d suspect you have a bent wheel or it’s lost a wheel weight.

Where are you based ?

Drop links cannot cause a vibration only a rattle. Wheels Bearings will be accomponied by a grinding noise.

Have the tyres been flat spotted recently, perhaps a slight flat spot from locking fronts could cause a vibration at all speeds and a real shake on the steering. Balancing will help this and if there has been no flat spotting i would suspect this to help considerably.

For your own peace of mind tighten up:

  1. Steering arm bolt
  2. Cap screws where shim plates are inserted (never tight enough i find after an alignment)
  3. bottom wishbone bolt.

The balancing will propably be a good place to start, also try a full lock turn at low speed, very low speed and listen for grinding which would indicate wheel bearing problems.

I don’t understand how a dealer can change something to solve a problem chargeyou for it, problems still there and then you have to pay again and hope they have found the cause, and then perhaps again

Wish someone would pay me when i have to troubleshoot a problem would make it alot more rewarding.

Mine has developed what can best be described as a rattle from the rear near side on left hand corners. Could this be drop links? (whatever they are)

im taking it over to Martin Edwards on Tuesday to sort it out for me. Ive brought 2 wheel bearings now so ill get them changed anyway. The steering doesn’t seem to vibrate much really, you can feel the vibration through the chassis with your foot. Hopefully get it sorted next week.

Took the car over to Martin and Steve and i need a steering rack, track rod ends (to much hassel to keep the old ones), a wheel bearing, front and rear disc’s. Lotus didn’t pick that up, there just useless. The parts come to �1000 and thats not including the drop links i changed for nothing or how much ill have to pay Martin and Steve. Very poor now.