Rockingham - 5th April

Have a great day, Jonnyfox :sunglasses:

Go & have a chat with Paul Whittaker in the 911 GT3. He’s a nice bloke, raced FF a few years ago, tracked an Elise, as well as an Evo V1, & he also happens to be Mrs Pesky’s cousin :wink:

I will indeed, not so lonely after all for me then :frowning:

Actually that’ll be good as Andy in his spanking new Boxster Spyder is coming to christen the little beauty :slight_smile:

Tar Rob :wink:

I will be doing that day as well. Didnt seem necessary to book in advance because only one ‘shit box’ ;o) was booked in :O)

I notice from your profile on there that you have an ISF, is it any good ?


Don’t forget Jonny also had similar “problems” to you, with his RS4 :wink:

I know I read that as well on his profile, scum bags. IIRC he gave kind words when my ‘problems’ happened.

Ace David, great news you are coming mate :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Bad news about you know what…fg Ws!

The ISF is awesome, as an everyday car it is brilliant I cannot speak highly enough about it. Massive power when you need it, so very smooth when you don’t. Loads of kit, loads…mega mega DVD/Stereo! Love the gearbox and it sounds mental pushed hard over 3k. Get Black or Silver if pos as they hold value better. Not much grip in the wet or damp from the rear and lacking in braking inertia on lift but hey all part of its character. No one seems to bat an eye and I didn’t black out the rear windows either as the car is black with beautiful dark grey alloys…dark enough without doing that anyway. The auto gearbox really does put the V8 MDCT BMW to shame but each to their own. Just over two months old, 2k on the clock paid �45k…crappy residuals but I�m lovin it mate. Have not seen another in 6 months of ownership :sunglasses:

Edit to say ride is a little crashy but I’ve had worse.

Go on, ask him how many seats it’s got! :smiley:

Bastard… :blush: I thought it had 5, a bit of a suprise when I got home :whistle:

Sounds cool !! Thanks for that.

Im confused, is it a 2+2 ?

[quote=DSE]Sounds cool !! Thanks for that.

Im confused, is it a 2+2 ? [/quote]

Lol yep…I couldn’t believe it :blush:

I might come along for this as well if mine survives two Angelsey days :wink:

ACE! Who needs Anglesey anyway lol

[quote=jonnyfox][quote=DSE]Sounds cool !! Thanks for that.

Im confused, is it a 2+2 ? [/quote]

Lol yep…I couldn’t believe it :blush: [/quote]

Are you f??cking with me, its really 2+2 ? Its massive, where has the space gone ?

ACE! Who needs Anglesey anyway lol [/quote]

Talking of Anglesey, is anyone going with BaT this weekend ?

I think it has bucket style seats in the back so only has 2 sets of seat belts making it a 4 seater rather than 911 2+2 little seats in the back :wink:


I KNOW! lol :smiley:

Yes Jonny you are :wink:

Anymore takers :slight_smile: