Road Trip!

Ok…its not often I put things on here… but…all I can say is WOW!!! Took the beastie down to Monaco for an Easter break!!Whilst the French ‘M’ roads are immensly boring once i got to Nice and Monaco…its just built for Exiges,twists turns,and most importantly … TUNNELS!!!Now i know why i got a sports exhaust!It was a hell of a trip, 2550 miles in 4 days…but I’m wondering if any of you petrolheads wanted to organise a slightly longer lasting trip… say maybe a week, and get a few of us down there… The ‘WOW’ factor of the car was incredible over there, just about everyone stops in their tracks… ANyway, thats me burbling on for a change… see you soon at Angelsey on the 13th

JohnSounds great [image][/image]Why not book ito the Anglesey Arms on the 12th, & tell us all about it over a beer?

Why not tell us about it over SEVERAL beers?

ok, ok, you twisted my arm, i better bring the vid tooo!!! Pesky…have you got the number of the Anglesey Arms???

JohnAnglesey Arms HotelMona RoadMenai BridgeLL59 5EATel: 01248 712305