Road rubber

Anyone recommend me some decent road tyres? Only ever run the car on 48’s

Depends on what you want them to do - I’ve got some Uniroyal Rainsport 2’s on my spares - great in the wet but only Okish in the dry - nothing like the dry grip of a 48 or 888 as I discovered today hooning round a roundabout :crazy:

Pirelli are supposed to be a good road option 205 fr and 225 rear

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Yoko AD08, I thought you sold it Damon?

Toyo R1R’s - have them on my spare wheels - great on wet tracks and OK in the dry if you don’t push them too much - indeed I quite enjoyed them on track in the dry as they felt more progressive than A048’s…Can’t comment about sub 5 degree temp performance though…


R1r’s for me too