RMS Exige...what do you think??

What do you think of the body kit?




Oh…and I see this!!!

I bet that wing wobbles like f^ck

Personally not keen on the bodykit

Absolutely horrendous

Looks like some late 60’s idea of aerodynamics…only worse.

No not my cup of tea too.

What about the �Sexige�

not my cup of tea either, 1 word


I actually quite like it.


Phew, had me worried there, Mr Gunn

Both Chav & horrible


Fancy doing a body kit like that and leaving the side pods untouched!

No, no, no!


That looks f*ckin’ horrible!!

Horrible thing!.

It’s an S2 Exige, right?

its a photoshopped hoax isnt it?

Holy Moly

Mr Chapman will be spinning at 16k RPM in his box!


And then we come to the body kit…

Only joking I quite like the kit

Sorry - It really is Sh!t

The body kit honest

If only cars could cry

I think it would look different if it was colour matched to the car… Then I think it would look a hell of a lot better.

It would have been OK, if it had been more subtle and more based upon aerodynamics and not chavydynamics.

At the mo it looks like a wayned-up exige and screams “Look at me!!!”

heres another one… LOOK AT THOSE FRONT WINGS!!!


Not only that, they fitted bigger wheels too!

They obviously didn’t get the concept of an Exige: a driving machine.
But sadly there’s plenty of posers out there with deep pockets…

I’m surprised that the pillocks haven’t taken the roof off too