Ring BaT July 19th

All day July 19th, open pit lane BaT (Registered) only. No Public, a good way to learn it in a safer environment �495

Bonus is the GP circuit is also open to public that evening… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Staying at Hotel Zur Burg

Special invite only, doesnt appear to everyone.

Im booked, its going to be awesome !

Excellent, goes on full sale end of the month, worth a punt emailing if interested.

Awesome …

Do we need to book the gp circuit, how does it work ?

Turn up, pay & join the Q, it’s a bit like waiting for a ski lift but in cars. I think it’s 20 or 30 Euro for 20 mins…great fun! Where are you staying?

Sounds great, so its run a bit like the main event … coool.

Not sure where we are staying yet. Still trying to organise cars and family. How much is your hotel per night ?

48 Euro each night… here




  1. Jonnyfox
  2. Markyb
  3. DSE
  4. Peter 240R

Just for an update, anyone else doing this ? I cant bloody wait and I have found a company that will insure my car for the day against idiots. Its going to be epic.

Dave meeting at Folkestone 12-1215 mate, can you make it?
PM’d btw.

FYI - I am insured with -

Richard Egger Insurance
8 The Triangle
ng2 Business Park
Tel: 0115 985 0165

For fully comprehensive against me crashing or someone else hitting me its cost �240 which I dont think is bad considering the range of experience doing the day. It doesnt cover armco or recovery costs at the circuit though.

Jonny - I am going on the Friday (16th) before and hopefully having some fun on public days or the gp circuit if its open on the sat or sun.

See you there !


You’ve done well to get cover for the Ring.

As a a matter of interest, what amount of cover do you get for �240, & what is the excess (iirc it’s usually 10% of the cover ie if cover is �15K, you’d recieve �13.5K in the event of a total loss, or a �5K repair would still cost you �1500). It’s about 4 years ago since I last arranged “one off” cover for a Le Mans trackday, so I can’t remember the details.

How do :O)

Cover is for �20K with a 10% excess, its not bad in the event of a tool spinning in front of me or oil or … basically I have been to the 'ring on a number occasions and the run off is just enough to park your car off the tarmac. You get it wrong there and you are in a world of pain (and debt probably). So �240 helps take the sting out of an incident (especially if someone else causes it).

Hope that helps :O)

Cheers Dave :slight_smile:

Guys, the german police are doing lots of vehicle inspections this month, so make sure that you have everything in order, you will also have to carry a safety kit (triangle, safety vest) and 1st aid kit.

I’ve already encountered them twice near the Ring in the last 2 weeks.

Cheers Joel :sunglasses:

thanks for the heads up :O)

Thanks for the info. I collect my car fromn Hangar 111 tomorrow - nothing like leaving everything to the last minute!

Safe trip everyone, see you at the terminal at about midday.

Peter (240R)