Ribble Valley Steve - moderator's assistance need,please

Ribble Valley Steve, who is currently out of the country, has asked me to post this appeal to the moderators to sanction his recently updated profile, so that he can resume posting. From what I understand, he changed his email address and has since been locked out.
Many thanks in advance.

What’s his user name?

Not sure whether it’s all lower case or U/ lower
Thanks, Dave

It is as you have written it Thommo :slight_smile: (I check the members listing).

Top spotting, Tim, thanks

Please give it a try…

Thanks, Dave.
I’ll text him. When Steve logs on on I,m sure he’ll test it out.

I’m back :smiley:
Big thanks to Steve, Dave, Tim for sorting.

Great, now it’s time to get the car out and give it an airing