Reving Whilst Braking - The Finale

Inlet air valve lost it’s bracket and was swinging on it’s hoses and muck in the valve.
All sorted now
Although my wallet is a bit lighter - Hey Ho!!

Inlet air valve??? What’s that then???


It’s half way up the back of the engine and coupled to loads of blue silicone hoses. Only way to get to it is to put on garage lift and drop under pan. Poor mechanic burnt his hand whilst playing.

Well, the normal way is from the engine bay, removing the airbox…

Naa Uldis that sounds the easy way - when you are charging the punter �45 an hour you do it the hard long way!!
It’s fixed anyway.
and I got to see a new Exige…
di’nt drive it tho. was too taken by a Morgan Aero and a 360 modena (?) (the long 360)